• AI Workplace Training Options

    Find an AI and ChatGPT training and workshop options that meets your team's learning needs. These can be done virtually or on site for Western Washington.

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    AI Virtual Presentation

    Perfect for a lunch & learn


    for 60 minute presentation

    Up to 100 participants

    2 topic to choose from


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    1-Day AI Training

    Build organizational AI literacy


    starting price


    Prep session



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    2-Day AI Workshop

    Upskill your team




    Prep session




  • AI Lunch & Learns

    Available virtually or on site for those in Grays Harbor County, WA. Up to 100 participants.

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    Data Privacy & Best Practices

    Explore data and privacy risks generative AI brings and best practices to mitigate them. You will learn how to keep your data secure and come away with actionable steps you can take to protect your data.

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    Generative AI Basics

    Explore different generative AI modalities, such as image generation, text, and audio. You will see examples of how different organizations and individuals are using generative AI and learn general best practices.

  • Tom B.

    "Kambria is great at the work she does and was successfully able to do exactly what we have been trying to do."

    Jonathan B.

    "Kambria has that heightened level of expertise you hope to find when working with a freelancer for the first time."

    John E.

    "Kambria is fantastic. If you are thinking of hiring her - do it!"

  • 1-Day AI Trainings

    Available virtually or on site for those in Western Washington. Minimum of 15 participants.

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    Getting Started with Generative AI

    Get started using generative AI in your everyday work. In this training we will explore generative AI tools and best practices. You will get hands on experience using tools like ChatGPT to generate images, analyze information, complete tasks, and more. All exercises are tailored to your organization.

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    Generative AI for Leaders

    How will your team use generative AI? In this session, we will explore the potential risks and benefits AI brings and you’ll discover how to get your team started with generative AI. You will also learn how you can use it yourself and get ahands-on experience. All exercises and content are tailored to your organization. 

  • 2-Day AI Workshops

    Available virtually or on site for those in Western Washington. Minimum of 5 participants. Maximum 12.

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    AI Workplace Policy Workshop

    In this workshop, we will explore AI policy best practices and key decision points. You will participate in a facilitated discussion to come to consensus and get alignment on your policy. You will also come away with clear next steps for implementation and change management.

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    AI Use Case Development Workshop

    Are you looking to get your team started with AI? In this workshop, your team will come together to learn the basics of AI, collaborate to identify and prioritize potential use cases to solve a challenge you are facing, and build a workflow using AI. Come with a specific problem you want to solve and leave with an AI-powered workflow.