• kambria

    About Me & The Lounge

    I'm Kambria, founder of the AI Innovation Lounge, and I help businesses reimagine the learning experience & prepare their teams for an AI-powered future.


    In my journey so far, I've gained not just a wealth of knowledge but a track record of tangible successes. My qualifications aren't just on paper - they're proven in the real world.


    I hold a Master's degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning from Boise State and am certified as a Prosci Change Practitioner and in Luma's Human-Centered Design.


    But it's not just my academic background that sets me apart. It's the numerous technology-centric projects that I've led to success, the workflows I've optimized, and the learning experiences I've amplified.


    With me, you're not just getting an AI enthusiast. You're getting an experienced strategist, a learning and development professional, and a relentless ally on your journey towards AI-driven success.


    You're getting a Learning and Development AI Fusionist.

  • How I Can Help

    My goal for the AI Innovation Lounge is to share resources and help you learn to develop and implement AI strategies that maximize human potential.


    I can help you:

    • Design use cases that seamlessly blend human expertise & AI capability
    • Develop AI driven learning experiences, tools, and performance support chatbots
    • Optimize your team's workflows combining multiple use cases and modalities
    • Train your teams to collaborate effectively with AI & adapt to new workflows

    I don't offer self-directed courses or focus on K-12, but I'd be happy to recommend a few amazing individuals who do.