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    Ignite Your AI Journey

    What’s better than reading about AI's endless potential? Actually putting it to work in real-world situations.


    Stop dreaming about what AI could do. Discover how to make it happen.


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  • Learn About Generative AI

    The AI Innovation Lounge is the place to learn about generative AI like ChatGPT.

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    The Podcast

    Listen to the latest episodes of the AI Learner Lounge podcast - the podcast fusing AI and learning & development.

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    AI and L&D Articles

    Read articles and playbooks for AI in learning and development.

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    More Free AI Resources

    Browse free AI resources, many tailored to learning and development. This includes a prompt library, use cases, & more.

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    Train Your Team

    Upskill your team and prepare them for an AI-powered future.

  • kambria

    Hi - I'm Kambria. Founder of the AI Innovation Lounge

    I can help you and your team prepare for an AI-driven future with hands-on training and use case development.

  • Free AI Resources for Learning & Development

    FInd free AI and ChatGPT resources, many of which center on learning and development professionals, instructional designers, trainers, and others in the workplace L&D space.

    the ai fusionist

    The AI Fusionist

    AI Fusionist is more than just a fancy name. It's not a role or job. It's a new way of thinking.

    the ai learner lounge podcast

    Listen to the Podcast

    The AI Learner Lounge is the podcast fusing AI & learning and development. Explore real-world applications. Discover use cases and strategies. And get practical tips tailored for L&D professionals like you.

    find ai use cases for learning and development

    Explore L&D Use Cases

    Discover what makes a great use case and explore generative AI learning & development and instructional design use cases.

    chatgpt prompt library for learning and development and instructional design

    ChatGPT Prompts for L&D

    Access my free prompt library to find dozens of ChatGPT prompts for learning and development.

    the research on ai and prompting

    Explore AI & Prompt Research

    Discover new insights from some of the helpful research articles I've come across on AI and prompt engineering.