Transform Your Content Pillars into a Powerhouse of Influence

Leveraging ChatGPT to Improve Your Content Strategy

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Your content is a goldmine. Are you fully leveraging it?

Imagine staring at a goldmine every day, but never really knowing it’s full of riches. This is what happens when you undervalue the potential of your content pillars. These are the in-depth, detailed resources you've poured your expertise and knowledge into. They're comprehensive, they're informative, and they're powerful.

But are they working for you as much as they could be?

What is a Content Pillar and Why Does It Matter?

A content pillar is a substantial piece of work that resonates with your audience because it deeply covers a topic they care about. It could be the whitepaper you spent weeks researching, the detailed guide you painstakingly created, or even the long, insightful video transcript from your YouTube channel. These are not merely articles or blog posts. These are the cornerstones of your domain knowledge.

Why are content pillars so crucial? Because they aren't just a reflection of your authority in your field, they're a testament to your dedication, your commitment to delivering high-value content to your audience. These are the materials that set you apart from the sea of generic content online.

Unlocking the Potential of Content Pillars

But what if you could multiply the power of these content pillars? Not just repackaging or republishing them, but transforming them into various formats that resonate with diverse audience segments. A single whitepaper could become a series of blog posts, an engaging social media campaign, eye-catching infographics, and more.

The idea is to capture the essence of your in-depth content and distill it into multiple, easier-to-consume formats. By doing so, you'll ensure that the rich insights you have to share aren't lost because of the overwhelming size of the original content. Instead, they're amplified and accessible, reaching more people and creating a broader impact.

The Role of AI in Amplifying Your Content Pillars

This might sound intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. With generative AI tools like ChatGPT, you have a powerful assistant to streamline and scale this process.

AI can do much more than save you time or effort. It can help you uncover insights you might have overlooked, provide fresh perspectives on your content, and even suggest creative ways to repurpose it. This means you're not just producing more content, but you're creating content that's varied, engaging, and targeted.

A Simple Guide to Leveraging AI for Your Content Pillars

Ready to turn your content pillars into an engine of influence? Here's how you can use AI to supercharge your content marketing strategy:

1. Input Your Content in ChatGPT


First things first. You need to introduce your content pillar to ChatGPT. Feed ChatGPT your original content.

Tip: If you're using a YouTube video, use the Video Insights plugin to link to your video.

Prompt Example:

We will be working together to create a content strategy based on one of my content pillars. I'm going to send my content to you. Acknowledge receipt by saying "received." Content: Copy and paste your content.

2. Identify & Summarize Key Points

chatgpt summarization

Ask ChatGPT to distill your content pillar into a set of key points and insights. Let the AI help you navigate through your comprehensive work and identify the salient points that hold the potential to be standalone content pieces.

3. Formulate a Strategy to Repurpose Content

chatgpt generated strategies

Now that you have your key points, you need a game plan. Ask ChatGPT to suggest strategies for repurposing these points. Would a key insight work better as an infographic or a blog post? Or maybe it's worth developing into a full-fledged webinar?

Prompt Example:

I would like to repurpose this content pillar to create different types of content for my audience. Add audience details here. Please provide different strategies I could use.

4. Choose and Outline

outline example

Review the suggestions, choose a strategy that fits your brand, and ask ChatGPT to create a detailed outline. This isn't about working harder, but working smarter, and that begins with a clear plan.

Prompt Example:

Let's start with the email newsletter. I'd like to focus on highlighting different aspects of the article in each consecutive newsletter.


Each newsletter should provide insights and educate my audience while creating excitement and building up to the main insight with each one. We will release a newsletter every week for the next eight weeks.


Please provide an outline that details the strategy. Format as a table. Include the main theme, key points to cover, and any other relevant information.

5. Create Engaging Content for your Marketing Strategy

example of content with chatgpt

Once you have your outline, it's time to bring it to life. Instruct ChatGPT to develop your outlined points into engaging pieces of content, ready to captivate your audience. Be sure to include context and details.

Prompt Example:

Based on the information in the content pillar article, please create the first week's newsletter. The newsletter must provide stand-alone value for the reader with insights and actionable steps they can take relating to the topic.



-Subject line options that are eye catching and pique curiosity

-A welcome message that's at least two paragraphs long

-Main theme content with at least four subsections

-reflective questions for the reader

-a short teaser for the next week's topic

Unleashing the potential of your content pillars means more than multiplying your content output. It's about broadening your reach, resonating with different audience segments, and ensuring your invaluable insights aren't lost in the noise of the digital world. It's about letting your hard work go the extra mile and carving a stronger presence for your brand online. And with AI like ChatGPT, this isn't just achievable. It's simple and efficient.

Isn't it time you discovered the goldmine that your content truly is?